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Total K-9 DogGear


Mike and Ryder are excited to rejoin the working & sport dog groups of family and friends in supporting law enforcement & their K-9s.  We thank you and are most appreciative of your diligence. 


Again, Total K-9 DogGear is offering top of the line K-9 adjunctive DogGear.  In re-establishing my goal of making the best available products that exceed the industry standard by meticulously braiding BIOTHANE and only “A” grade 9-11 oz latigo (no imperfections, scars, or branding) and “B” grade (5-10%  imperfections).  And solid brass or bronze snaps, buckles and rivets equal a quality finish. 


After practical field testing of these quality materials the common factor of LEASH FAILURE is the snap & leashes that have been altered from being chewed on.


The initial re-establishing of Total K-9 DogGear may be comparable to that of raising a pup.  Conjure a training plan based on breed characteristics, temperament and proven abilities focusing proven methods, experience, trial and minimized error and most importantly CONSISTENCY, COMPASSION & KIBBLE in achieving your goal of a TOTAL K-9. 


Consider TOTAL K-9 DogGear by following tk-9doggear.com.

Total K-9 Training

Since 1963 I enjoyed the pleasure of dog training with my first dog of record. Barney, the yellow Lab, Golden Retriever cross. The hunting and fishing and wondering adventures will always be remembered.  Barney taught us how to hunt. We followed his nose and natural retrieving ability.


By 1979, Quinn, the Rottweiler led me to Search and Rescue and Schutzhund. A few years later, Brock, the German Shepherd dog led me to the training of Law Enforcement K-9s. Where in 1975 a high school buddy with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office that trained and handled working military dogs figured we could start up a K-9 unit. The Sarge in Charge figured it to be a great idea as well. We followed Banjo and the rest speaks for itself.


Follow your dog to Total K-9 training for all breeds of training. Providing breed selections, puppy crate and kennel life, pup socialization and motivational control, juvenile and adult obedience, old dog good times, watch dog skills and training.


· Dog, family and trainer courses always available. I train the family to train the dog.

· Dog, handler and trainer courses limited to 5 dogs and handlers.

· Puppy socialization and motivational control unlimited enrollment.

· Juvenile and adult courses unlimited enrollment.

· Watch dog and special tasks skills on request.


Law DogGear

Doggear is committed to providing the K-9 community with K-9 essentials. As you view this product line, you may find some of the absolute necessities in leashes, collars, and future LAW Doggear at reasonable volume agency prices.


Multi-purpose utility leash serves as 6’ or 4’ leash as well as a quick slip lead. Available in ½” and ¾” biothane colors of black, sage green, coyote tan, orange and brown. Black 9/11 oz. latigo on request. Specify standard brass thumb snap or locking jaw snap.


LAW DOG as a 4' or 6'


LAW DOG as a



Available in 2’, 3’ & 4’ lengths of ½” or ¾” common biotherm colors with standard solid brass thumb snap. Black leather and alternate snap on request. 


³/⁴ x 2 SHORTY



 8” x ½” or ¾” common biothane colors with standard solid brass hardware. Practical application is snapped on to the K-9 collar, then whatever lead you are using snaps onto the O-ring at the trailing end of tab. Serves as quick grab for off-lead work. Black leather and alternate snap on.



 ¾ x 6, 8” loop handle.

Available in biothane colors.




³/⁴ x 6 DRAG LINE


½” & ¾” x 6’ commonly used in detection work. Longer lengths by request. 


  • Measurement of waist size plus approximately 2” required

  • Special order

  • Serves as back-up leash

  • Commonly worn over gun belt or as short obedience lead

  • Your waist size plus 3” required

  • Available in standard biothane colors and black leather

  • Alternate snaps by special request

  • DON’T leave home without it.

  • Thumb snap connection to collar routs in front of and under K-9 front leg and back up behind front leg to over the front shoulder

  • O-ring should fit between shoulders

  • Route remaining bridle under rear of opposing shoulder and leg to connect to collar

  • Allows control of K-9 head while on line tracking

  • Roller buckle adjustable

  • Common biothane colors or black leather available

  • ½” or ¾” widths

  • German design… Doggear crafted


.45 cal RIOT LEAD

¾” black hollow nylon webbing common to sport climbing and rescue makes up the frame triggered by (solid brass O-ring) while under tension releases tongue on the panic snap allowing the deployment of your K-9. Adjustable loop handle for desired fit is advised. 

½” x 15’ and 30’ typically in black or brown biothane.



 Clips onto collar to identify your K-9. Custom order based on badge type and size. 

F.H.T. 1”, 1 ½” and 2 ½” diameters fire hose with nylon loop handles.  First developed by Mike of Toral K-9 Doggear for the California Highway Patrol as a reward toy for their detection dogs. Larger diameter lose in 2 ½” are great as TUG TOYS and grip developers. 

1” x 12” single loop handle

1 ½” by 16” double loop handle

2 ½” x 16” double loop handle

Custom lengths and squeakers available on request.



Many items shown in the LAW DOG product line are available in orange with future Search & Rescue DOGGEAR items in the making. GO FIND! 1” x 6” firehose bringsel orange.


Your design of leash or collar build to our specifications. Price will be estimated.